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Try This, Not That: In Veterinary Medicine

Jada Lewis, CVT Jan 22, 2016 4:24:14 PM Veterinary

There are many times in veterinary medicine where we need to be careful with what we say or how we approach situations. Many times there are alternatives that we might not be aware of. Here is take one of try this, not that. 

1. Treatment room, not "in the back"

smart flowPeople and pets alike can be nervous about making their way to your veterinary office, but there are ways to ease the tension with the way you phrase things.

Next time you need to take Fluffy "to the back" to draw blood, call it the treatment room. When an owner hears "the back" their minds race quickly to pictures of cold cement floors, dirty tables and paint chipping off the walls while Sarah McLachlan belts out "Arms of an Angel."

If your clinic allows it, even offer a quick tour of your treatment room. This might provide a big sigh of relief for both owner and patient.


2. Asking for help, not hidingsmart flow sheet

I've learned the hard way that sometimes it is just better to admit you need help than to hide. Being a veterinary technician is a very complex occupation that requires great attention to detail. Many times you learn skills in school that you end up not using for years. 

The bottom line is that not one person knows everything, and that is ok. In fact, when I was teaching veterinary technician students, I quickly realized how each teacher had very different strengths and weaknesses in their own background. We complimented each other very well.


3. Do something terrifying, not easy

It is easy to become settled in your work environment and it is understandable that you would do your best not to add additional stress to your day. However, trying something that terrifies you over taking the back seat might actually do you some good.

It could be as simple as dealing with the fractious cat, learning dental x-rays, going paperless, or attempting another jugular blood draw. This can really help boost your confidence. 


4. Be generous (on yourself), not stingy

smart flow sheetsI know most veterinary professionals are known more for the love of what they do rather than the love of money. However, there are times when you should spend a little on yourself. Shoes, accessories, and a gym membership (I hear Planet Fitness can be rather inexpensive) are a few of my favorite splurge items. The rest of my paycheck easily goes to regular bills and my critters.


5. Reuse, not throw out

There are hundreds of ways you can reuse items in your clinic versus just tossing them in the trash. Old fluid lines can be come ET tube ties and shopping bags can be turned into slings. These and more life hacks can be found by clicking here and even more are here


There are many ways in our industry to try this, not that. What are you going to try?

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