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How well do you understand your veterinary software?

Jada Lewis, CVT Mar 18, 2015 11:58:00 PM veterinary software

Today, many practices brag about their ability to go 'paper-less' or 'paper-light.' Whether the intention is to save a tree or save some of the other green, chances are they may not understand their veterinary software as much as they can and should. Are you in this boat? You may think you are saving money by being paper-less, but are you truly using all the functions of your software? Make sure to dig deeper into the following highlights to ensure you are getting what you paid for!

  1. Integrations

Many veterinary software programs are integrated with other software products that might be of great value to your clinic. Of course, the one you should be most aware of is Smart Flow Sheet. It is a stand-alone application with integration capabilities into multiple veterinary software programs.


Even as a stand-alone product it gives great value to any clinic for the price. Smart Flow Sheet is an easy, electronic whiteboard and flow sheet system. The best features include built-in calculators, automatic billing capabilities at the time of treatment and real-time sync with all devices.

 Veterinary Software

  1. Reporting and analytics

Technology now gives us the ability to track our clients spending behaviors and areas of the clinic where we can improve sales. Many veterinary software companies like EzyVet have in depth tools to track your clients more thoroughly and increase customer retention.

  1. Inventory tracking feature

This feature can no doubt be one that you should spend a lot of time utilizing. Big bucks are lost when inventory is unorganized and untraceable. Some veterinary software companies like AviMark are integrated with inventory tracking devices such as Cubex or Intelligent Inventory.

  1. Smartphone and mobile applications

Veterinary software does not have to stay attached to inside the clinic anymore. Many companies have smartphone features and capabilities. Many have also become cloud-based saving on the hassle of dealing with a server. We are the kind of people that work after hours, on the road and in our sleep therefore making accessibility absolutely crucial.

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What is your favorite feature from you veterinarysoftware company? Do you think you are using your software to the best of its ability? To best understand a function in detail, a demo with the software is necessary and most are happy to provide one!

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