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What I've Learned About Unicorn Clinics

Stacey Ness Jan 2, 2018 12:12:00 PM Vet Tech
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Before I joined Smart Flow, I worked for many years at a multifaceted small animal veterinary hospital. I'm not going to say how many years I was there, lest it date me – but I will confess this nugget: I started there before they had computers!!!!

I watched that hospital transform over the years. I was extremely proud to learn from and work alongside some very brilliant and dedicated people; from amazing receptionists to caring and empathetic veterinary assistants, to techs with crazy impressive skills! There were vets who had seemingly swallowed textbooks and could site obscure articles and crack the crazy cases that stumped the rDVMs across our region. The practice grew from a group of general practice DVMs with a few weekend EC Vets to a 24/7 Emergency centre that provided critical care services to a somewhat geographically challenged area.

The truly amazing thing in my opinion was and is the staff. Despite all the craziness, the growth and the teeny-tiny working space, there are people with incredible skill, unwavering dedication, and crazy compassion. I was constantly buoyed on those rough days by the dedication and commitment that so many of my teammates showed. The love and kindness they had, and continue to show, for their fellow support staff and the critters we cared for was truly inspirational. It kept me coming back day after day to a job that can, at times, seem daunting and rough. People who managed to spare some extra TLC to a scared pet, even though their workload didn't really allow time for it. Techs that took the time to mentor and encourage the newbies. Assistants who went the extra mile to care for things above and beyond their job description. It was an exceptional place to work, and I've always considered it to be a unicorn in the world of veterinary medicine.


As an implementor for Smart Flow, I have the pleasure of traveling around North America and seeing how different hospitals work. The thing that has shocked me the most? The fact that my former hospital isn't the only place where magic happens. It's not the only "unicorn clinic" out there.

Now, I am not suggesting at all that where I worked wasn't special. Or incredible. Or fabulous. Because it was every one of those things. But I learned that it isn't the only hospital staffed with amazing, dedicated, caring people.



I have met with techs who are happy to put in overtime, who show up on their days off, or even during their maternity leave because they want to make sure they know how to use Smart Flow. Techs who ask important, thoughtful questions to make sure patient needs – and client needs – are met. I've seen people embrace the technology for all it can do to make their patient care better.
I've seen example after example of people that have put their work as the top priority. People who simply want to do their best for those four-legged (and occasionally tripod) furbags that capture our hearts. People who are proud, and giving, and committed to doing their best.

So kudos to the many dedicated veterinary professionals. Those who are striving to be unicorns in their own right. I am so proud and happy to still work among you – those that I know, and those that I have yet to meet.


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