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Vet Techs We Love to Hate

Jada Lewis, CVT Dec 22, 2015 2:48:19 PM

I will admit, I have worked with many vet techs who I loved to hate. In almost any situation I could easily predict what their attitude, behavior or response would be with exact precision. These are the vet techs we love to hate. 

1. The Pusherveterinary software

Get out of her way because she has the most experience and the most know how when it comes to an emergency. If you get in her way, don't worry because she'll just push you right out of the way. 


2. The Bat

He doesn't see anything. He doesn't see the pile of dirty laundry, the blood stain on the floor or the puppy sitting in his own poop. You are honestly considering asking him if he needs glasses. 


3. The Super Tech

veterinary software


She measures her worth by the amount of IV catheters she can place and gives you the grand eyeball roll when you miss your next one. She is overly proud when called upon to draw blood from a fractious cat or take a tricky dental x-ray. She is....(insert favorite superhero music here) Super Tech! And she absolutely knows it. 


4. The Female Dog

It might be in the way she looks at you or her tone of voice. The truth is that she is not very polite and you have a special name for her. 


5. The Negative Nancy

The word pessismist doesn't even begin to explain the Negative Nancy. Nothing will ever work out right (even if it does), nothing will ever go as planned (even if it does) and you will always stay late (even if you don't). veterinary software


6. The Know It All

Even if it is unrelated to vet med, the know-it-all knows IT ALL. He knows everything from how long it would take to fly to the moon to the normal ALT level of a hedgehog. Yes he knows it all, has seen it all or has a story for every possible scenario you could think up. There's nothing the know-it-all doesn't know.


7. The Resistant to Change

Their catch phrase is "that's how we've always done it." No matter how much research you find, how much easier it will make your life or how it will help your patients, your suggestion of change will never be taken seriously by this one. It is especially frustrating if they are also the head technician/nurse.

8. The Anti-Customer Service

I get it, we all enter this field initially for our love of animals, but you cannot ignore your job requirements. The technician that refuses to interact with clients is just plain annoying. I mean, didn't you realize that this would be an aspect of your job to a certain extent?


veterinary software9. The Cherry Picker

Just like the anti-customer service tech, the cherry picker will only choose to do certain tasks. Even though all techs essentially have the same job descriptions, the cherry picker will always make sure they never mop floors, call back clients, stock inventory or clean out the fecal centrifuge. 




Do these sound like the type of techs you love to hate? How many types have you had the pleasure of working with?


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