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Veterinary Life Hacks Part 2

Jada Lewis, CVT Aug 27, 2015 10:45:05 AM

There's more to veterinary life hacks than just re-using syringes and fluid bags. Doctors and techs have become crafty with other things too! Here is another list to make re-using supplies easier on your life! 

Vet Wrap

Gera W. says a piece of Vet wrap is a great tool for getting pesky "stuck things" apart. Wrapping a piece around both sides of an object will give you gripping power! She uses it to open catheter caps and when she needs to pull a stuck extension line off its main line. It'll open a stuck jar of pickles too!


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Pill Bottles

Janel C. says there are "soooo many things you can do with pill bottles!" 
She uses them for her ear buds, change, m&ms, small ice packs, and cat toys! There is almost no reason to throw out a pill bottle.



Vaccine Tray

Lydia K. will re-use the plastic vaccine trays for urine catches in small dogs since they are long and shallow. 

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Nail Trimmer

They can cut more than just nails! Monica S. uses them to break PCV tubes when extracting serum, or to cut pills. They can also be used to gently grip those pesky needles you can't un-twist from it's syringe. 



veterinary softwareVet Wrap Cardboard

The little piece of cardboard used to keep vet wrap on a roll can be used as a catheter guard says Keyshia W. She uses them to keep catheters from kinking. (You can also use syringe cases for this).



Shopping Bag
veterinary software

A great option for a sling can be designed from cutting out the sides of a shopping bag. How quick and cool is that? 


Toilet Paper Roll

This one is pretty much self explanatory:

 veterinary software


 Which one of these veterinary life hacks are you going to start using?

Do you have an other brilliant ideas? Share with us below!


I want more time to do all of this!

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