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Veterinary Technician Vs. Human Nurse: Why We All Need To Calm Down

Jada Lewis, CVT Mar 22, 2016 5:28:05 PM

I've heard it many times before. "Human nurses don't even know what it's like...blah blah blah." There's a huge battle between the veterinary technician and the human nurse to prove who has a more difficult job. The truth is, neither job is easier or less demanding, or more full of puppies and kittens (seriously, we don't play with puppies and kittens all day).

smart flow sheetFor the Veterinary Technicians, we deal with patients that can't communicate with us, multiple unique species and anal glands. 

Our job is dirty, full of hair and often not appreciated. 

We're anesthetists, x-rays techs, laboratory experts, janitors and receptionists.

We're paid very little, work long hours and miss a lot of family functions.

For the human nurses, they struggle with patients who refuse to be cooperative, are insulting and resist basic care. 

They fear getting stuck with a used needle or contracting their patient's diseases.

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They work long days, nights, weekends and holidays. They often deal with being short staffed and are expected to be flexible about it.

They have to know everything that is going on for every patient they are in charge of. 

For all of us, we live in our scrubs and our favorite necklace is our stethoscope.

Our patients bite, kick and scratch. We deal with vomit, poop and other fun bodily fluids. There's burn out, high turn over and fear of ruining our reputation. 

However, we all get a rush from helping others. We often get attached. Our patients don't always survive and we often lose it. No matter how hard we try, we can't save them all, but sometimes the story has a happy ending and we'll never forgot those moments.

In the end, both careers are demanding, draining and require lots of multi-tasking. Neither is easier or better. The controversy can rest and we can all calm down. Human nursing and veterinary nursing are different, but equally exhausting.

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