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Ways to De-Stress At Work

Jada Lewis, CVT Jun 8, 2016 6:08:49 PM

It's pretty obvious that our jobs are tiresome. Between crazy clients, full schedules, phones ringing off the hook and uncooperative patients, our days accrue lots of stress. While it might be diffcult to find the time to de-stress, here are some ways you might fit it in while at work. 

1. A Quick Game of Punch It Out

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This game is pretty self-explanatory. Make a list of all the reasons you get stressed in the clinic (i.e staying late, battling Dr. Google, breeder drama, etc). Fill a box with candy or goodies and then cover it with the list of reasons. Then, punch it out to earn your prize.

2. An Actual Punching Bag

Aggression seems to be a common way to de-stress. What better piece of equipment to use than a punching bag? I've seen a clinic with one hanging behind their treatment area for stressful times (especially when no one wants to go to jail).

3. Cake

It might pack on the pounds, but eating is a sure fire way to de-stress. I don't recommend this one often, but a large piece of chocolate cake can soothe the tension temporarily.

4. Fresh Air

It sounds too easy, cliche or maybe even silly to suggest stepping outside. However, when we get so wrapped up with our day we forget how refreshing a breath of fresh air can be. It can be a quick way to release and bad thoughts and reset your mood for the rest of the day.

5. Write it Down

Some of the stress we carry with us on a daily basis never seems to subside. If you are carrying it around from last week, then try this simple trick.

Write down exactly what is stressing you out in detail. Get every last inch of stress out on that piece of paper and then light it on fire. Say good-bye to stress that you can do absolutely nothing about. 

6. Watch Puppy Videos

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People think you just play with puppies and kittens all day anyway, might as well watch videos about them. Their cuteness is irresistible and a good distraction from the day that surrounds you. Go ahead, enjoy them!

Finding ways to release stress if very important, especially in the veterinary world. These simples tricks are ways you can de-stress while still at work. 

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