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What Veterinary Medicine Will Look Like in 100 years

Jada Lewis, CVT Aug 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Once upon a time, not too long ago, in-house laboratory machines did not exist, digital x-rays were unheard of and nobody placed microchips. Veterinary medicine sure has come a long way and is continually evolving to enhance patient care and make everyone’s lives a little easier.

Since we’ve come such a long way, it is fun to fantasize about where we’ll be in the future. Here is how I see veterinary medicine changing in the next 100 years. First off, it will be all about technology. I imagine a world where microchips are still placed, but they instead hold an incredible amount of information that will transform the visit of our patients.

Scenario 100 years from now:

Fluffy has been sick for a few days and the owners have finally decided it is time for him to be seen (of course, on a Sunday afternoon at the emergency clinic). The owners noticed some soft stool and he’s overall not acting right. They are not sure if he vomited, how well he’s been eating or the name of the medication he’s currently taking.

vet med

Without some of the pertinent information, a treatment plan is usually made to include blood work, x-rays, fluids and some medications. Instead, 100 years from now we’ll just scan the microchip.

The new microchips will be amazing. It will not only store the pets’ personal information (name, address, phone number), but will also hold the pets’ medical history, current medications, allergies, diet, etc. The tech or receptionist will just scan the chip and the patient will automatically be uploaded in the Smart Flow Patient Management System. A treatment sheet will be started automatically and edited along the way. No need for pen or paper ever again.

The most incredible part of the chip will be its ability to calculate the total input of fluids/food and losses. It will not matter if the owners cannot give a detailed history of the patient’s input/output.

Finally, the chips will have a GPS tracking system that people will be able to use to find their pets when they go missing. Because, as we already know, many clients think this is how they work anyway. 

Along with the new microchips, there will be advances in blood work and x-rays. Now, to run a complete panel you will just need a single drop of blood. Can you imagine no more fractious cat blood draws??

X-rays will also be just as easy. We’ll get these cool portable machines that can snap a picture, even with movement. How amazing will that be?

Oh and don't let me forget, people in the future will actually have money to spend on all this fancy stuff!!

Now, while I sit and fantasize about a world with these great advances, I just need someone to start inventing! Who’s going to make this dream a reality?

Do you think we’ll be this advanced in 100 years?

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