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What You Need to Know About Veterinary Software in 2016

Jada Lewis, CVT Feb 3, 2016 12:36:35 PM

Each year the world of veterinary practice and patient management software gets more interesting and exciting. There are high tech features, automation, and internet free options.
Here are the top releases in veterinary software you need to know about in 2016:

1. Anesthetic Monitor Integration

electronic anesthetic sheetLast year Smart Flow released the very first cloud-based, veterinary electronic anesthetic sheet: Morpheus. This year the system will now be integrating with some of the top anesthetic monitors. 
What does this mean? The data from the anesthetic monitor will now automatically plot onto the Morpheus graph. Now there's no need to handwrite or even type in vitals, leaving you more time to be hands on with your patient. This is automation at its finest. 

2. VPR Cloud

Cloud-based veterinary software programs are all the rage recently and for good reason. There's no need for expensive, malfunctioning servers, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

New in 2016 and for eVetPractice clients, Veterinary Reference Pharmacy will be integrated into the software. This is a mobile, online pharmacy reference that will be made available on any device. VPR Cloud has also integrated with the Timeless Vet Drug Index - a strictly evidence-based drug formulary by Etienne Côté, Stephen Ettinger & Wayne Schwark. This includes over 2,000 new treatment recommendations backed by the best peer-reviewed evidence in existence.


The integration between eVetPractice and VPR Cloud allows the user to associate the existing drugs located in the inventory management with VPR Cloud’s drugs. Then, eVetPractice will automatically map your dispensable inventory items to VPR drugs. 


This association can then be used to automatically include client info sheets to the pet owner during the checkout process.  The integration also allows you to search for drugs and display the drug details all within eVetPractice.

3. Kiosk Check-In

In 2016, ezyVet plans to unveil their kiosk check-in system. This will encourage users to engage in even more automation features specifically for clients.

ezyvet smart flow
Along with kiosk check-in, ezyVet has a roadmap for QuickBooks integration, online bookings and task automation for accounting purposes. 

4. Stock App

The Stock app is a native Mobile app for the VETLINKSQL family of innovative products. It allows the user to perform various stock functions in the absence of an internet connection! The three major functions it will perform will be Stock Ordering (Supplier Agnostic), Stock Takes (Full or Category or Bin Location), and Stock Transfers (Store/Vehicle to Store/Vehicle).  The Stock App will work on iOS (Apple) and Android devices. For details, click here

5. Electronic Travel Sheetelectronic travel sheet

New for 2016, the Smart Flow team is taking on the challenge of creating an electronic travel sheet. While this product is still in the concept mode, the Smart Flow team is EXCITED and taking suggestions for how it should look and function. Click here to join the advisory board to get the latest information.

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