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What's New with Smart Flow?

Kat Milcke, RVT Jun 16, 2017 10:59:20 PM

We at Smart Flow have done quite an overhaul on our website this summer! You may have noticed our new look, and if not, head on over to to see it live in action!

Not only have we done a website overhaul, but we have a great new deal just for the summer, and just for general practices! If you’re a GP clinic, and would like to use Smart Flow mainly for its surgery and anesthetic monitoring capabilities (ie, our awesome electronic anesthetic sheet and our whiteboard communication board) then head on over to HERE to find out more about it! 


We have also filmed a whole lot of videos while we were on site. You may have seen them around on Facebook, but they’re now right on our homepage. Here you can see our great implementation team getting clinics ready to go live. When we go onsite we work with you and your team to make sure that everyone has a solid understanding of what Smart Flow is, how to use it quickly and efficiently, and how to get rid of paper - for good!

See our website for videos that we filmed while in Idaho at the Idaho Equine Hospital, in Reno at the Sierra Veterinary Specialists and many more!

Screenshot at Jun 16 22-48-53.png

 Smart Flow is continuously working to help you and your clinic go paperless. Through our biggest newer feature, Forms, you now have the ability to recreate all paper forms that you have in your clinic into electronic forms in Smart Flow! Be it surgical consent forms, euthanasia forms or client admission forms, Smart Flow can do it all! We even have a signing pad that users can sign their name on with their finger. No more printing out papers, only to have your clients sign one line, to then scan that back into the computer and shred the paper copy. We're cutting paper completely out of the equation with this awesome feature. There's an FAQ HERE on how to create properties, and an FAQ HERE on how to create your very own Smart Flow form! 


Our Development Team has also been working hard coming up with some more great new features for everyone. Here are some:


  • Note Editing: You can now determine for how long after creation notes can be edited for, between 0 and 48 hours
  • Default Total mg vs Total ml: Later this month, you will be able to determine if you want all medications on your flowsheets to default to showing ‘Total dose’, ‘Total ml’ or ‘Total mg’
  • Web Drop Down Menus: Also later this month you’ll be able to access drop down menus from the web, not just from the iPads anymore!


And that’s not all! Check out our ‘What’s New’ articles by following this link HERE, or by going to our FAQ section.

One of the things that hasn’t changed is our customer support. If you submit a support ticket, we get back to you very quickly with either a solution to your problem, or an acknowledgement that we have received your request and are looking into it. We are here for you 24/7/365 - no matter what the question may be! We are also constantly expanding our FAQ section, so should you have a question about how Smart Flow works, or if you just want to get to know it better, definitely check it out by clicking HERE!


We are continuously striving to improve Smart Flow, so if you have any questions or concerns, definitely let us know! You can contact us via our website, via our awesome (and very dedicated) support team, leaving a comment here, or emailing me at, and I’ll make sure to point your query in the right direction!


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