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Why I Choose to Surround Myself with Veterinary Professionals

Jada Lewis, CVT Sep 6, 2016 12:00:00 PM

It really might be that I have a hard time making new friends or that I work so many hours I don't even know where to start. Of course, I have my long-time friends from way back before I even knew what veterinary medicine was all about and they've grown accustomed to my career path.

However, I find it so much easier to just surround myself with people that understand me best, and that means lots of veterinary professionals. Here's why:
They get me
We're crazy about pets and crazy about veterinary medicine. It is just natural that they get me and I get them. A five pet household seems empty and not having a pet with a medical issue is even crazier. 

I can talk about the gross stuff 
veterinary softwareOur careers are not glamorous and that is quite ok with us. We can talk about the large, stinky pyometra or the explosive bloody diarrhea (over lunch) without batting an eye. It is normal dinner talk and we never lose our lunch, but our other friends and family just might.


They understand the hardships
Veterinary medicine is not an easy career choice. Our hardships are difficult for others to undersand if they've never lived through them. Whether it is the long (but necessary) hours we work, the surgery patient that didn't survive or the young dog that didn't conquer cancer, other veterinary professionals totally get it.


By default

I work with them, so by default I am with them a lot. Often, I see them more than my family. We spend a lot of time together weekly and most major holidays as well. 

They put up with me and vice versa

Not many other people would put up with us. We share ridiculous (and mostly inappropriate) jokes with the entire team. We don't mind going out for a drink after work covered in unknown substances or loads of hair. Then, we can argue over which method of staining slides is proper or how to control inventory better. 

In the end, I surround myself with many veterinary professionals because we just plain get each other. Very few things can churn our tummies and we're always together anyway. 

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