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Why I Hate New DVM Grads (and how I handle them)

Smart Flow Sheet Team Apr 29, 2015 1:00:00 PM Veterinary

Everyone has to start somewhere in the veterinary field. Every person will be the newbie at some point in their career.  However, the new DVM grad can become quite a nuisance if not handled appropriately. Here is why I hate new grads (and how I handle them).

1. Speedveterinary software

Everything they do is slow. They are unsure, scared little duckies. Sometimes it takes a
little hand holding and a cheering squad to make it through a simple, immature cat spay.  New grads can improve their speed if they can find a way to organize their day and standardize their patient care.

2. Yes, some techs can do it better

New grads should really take advantage of the staff. Some techs have so much experience they can practically tell a doctor how to do their job. Techs are extremely talented and can teach a new grad great tips and tricks. A new grad (or seasoned doc for that matter) should never feel ashamed to learn from them.

3. Stop showing off

Clients would appreciate if their doctors dropped the medical terminology. Most clients know new grads are nerds, and spend the last 8+ years in the classroom. 

4. Some things are not taught in school


Client communication is definitely an art form that can take years to develop. Clients can be angry, picky, flirtatious, distracted, poor, etc. New grads need to fine tune their approach for each situation and understand that not all clients can spend money even on the basics.

New grads should really skip the cool new surgery technique lab at the next veterinary conference (that they’ll probably never ever use anyway) and listen to the lecture on communication (probably given by a seasoned technician).

5. Something else not taught in school


While most schools do a great job training new grads for the medicine part of their careers, the teamwork aspect can be harder to grasp. New DVM grads need to understand the roles of all members in the clinic, and work with others, not against them.

6. Annoyance alert from every vet tech

Why do new DVM grads need to “keep up their skills” and take over my IV catheters? They need to stick to their doctorly stuff and leave me to my fun!


Deep down, all new DVM grads are probably just as scared of us, as we are of them. Both sides need to give and take a little until the relationship starts to become more comfortable. 

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