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Why I Hate Vet Techs

Smart Flow Sheet Team Mar 27, 2015 5:24:00 PM Vet Tech

Let’s face it; most veterinary hospitals (and vets) could not function without a solid team of vet techs. We are relied on for our animal handling expertise, blood drawing skills, multi-tasking abilities and let’s not forget our aptness for janitorial work. Vet techs are a very special kind of people. Although we have big hearts, we also have some traits that get us in major trouble.

1. Setting an IV catheter does not make you a superhero! 

It can be a proud moment to get a 20G catheter in a dehydrated kitten, but that does not make you the best vet tech to walk the face of the earth. Sometimes it just makes you lucky. It also doesn’t mean the tech struggling to get an 18G catheter in a healthy Dane is unskilled. We all have our days.

vet tech

2. Gossiping is not pretty

In a world full of catty women, gossiping is typical in most clinics. Chances are you’ve been talked about behind your back and vice versa. Can’t we all just get along even behind each other’s backs?

3. If you're not in charge, then don't take charge

Many times I worked with techs that felt as though their tenure just magically made them in charge. Back off buddy, people get paid extra to lead the team and my guess is that it isn't you!

4.  Technician Vs. Nurse 

pillsDoes it really matter?

5. Remember, you cannot prescribe or diagnose!

I have actually been in situations where techs were practically diagnosing a patient in front of an owner. Guess what…you can’t do that! Don’t try to dose medications either, because I am pretty sure that is also against the law. 

6. When did veterinary medicine turn into a competition?

vet tech
Last time I checked we weren’t competing over who knows more and who can do something better. We get it, you have learned a lot in school and want to prove that is was all worth something, but chill a little.

7. At my last clinic we did....

Seriously, it is a bad idea to say this phrase more than once day, or at all. No one cares what you did at your last clinic. Comparing your new clinic to your old one is about as useful as a hole in your head.

We are the heart and soul of the veterinary world, but we have a tendency to act in a very strange, and oftentimes annoying manner. Are you guilty of any of the above? 

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