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Why I Hate Veterinarians

Smart Flow Sheet Team Apr 9, 2015 2:00:00 PM Veterinary

As a group of people who love working with animals and medicine, this post might come as a shock. How could anyone hate a veterinarian?  Okay okay, maybe hate is too strong of a word- but here are 6 reasons why at times, veterinarians drive us technicians crazy!

 1. You are not on the TV show "House"

Some animals have weird blood work or show odd signs of a disease, but don’t act like it is the most mysterious illness you’ve ever seen. Most likely the pet will go home with the same medication the last 100 pets were prescribed, and you will never hear of the mystery illness again. 

2. Hovering does not make the lab machines run faster

Techs hate when doctors hover, especially when there is nothing that will make the machines run the labs any faster. Go chill with your cup of coffee and I promise that the machine will beep when complete.


3. How many vets does it take to change a lightbulb?

Just 1, but they need a herd of 5 techs to clean up after them.  

4. A fancy headlamp does not make you a neurosurgeon

Although you may find some pretty fancy equipment at the veterinary conferences, it doesn’t catapult you into the field of neurosurgery. With, or without that headlamp, you have done that same spay about a thousand times!

5.  The lost flow sheet/chart

It never fails, there will always be that mysterious lost file, and you swear you just had it! (Oh thank goodness for the invention of paperless files!)


6. Listen to your staff, and consider that we might have good ideas!

It is in your nature to have total control of the hospital, and that is understandable. However, change can be a good thing! Your staff will respect you more when you listen to them, and take their ideas seriously. 


Working in veterinary medicine can be very taxing and demanding on so many levels. Little quirks and personality traits can add unecessary stress to an already chaotic profession. Don't worry though, we really do love veterinarians, and that follow up is coming soon! 

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