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Why I love Vet Techs

Smart Flow Sheet Team Apr 1, 2015 11:00:00 AM

As kids we were the type to chase feral cats, fall asleep with our best dog friend at our side or bring our pets in to school for show and tell (repeatedly). We knew our lives would not be complete without animals in it. Somehow we made our way to vet tech school and even though we have a reputation for a short career span, we find satisfaction in our ability to comfort, heal and educate. In response to why I hate vet techs, here are the reasons why I love vet techs:

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1. We don't do if for the money

There is no glam in being a vet tech and for the majority there is hardly any money in it. Most of our pets eat better than we do and we like it that way. 

2. No pet gets left behind

We will always help rescue a pet or save a wild animal. Our homes are filled with not just pets, but stories of missing eyes, broken limbs or special needs that we just wouldn’t have any other way. 

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3. We miss out on a social life

Between staying late for emergency surgeries and nursing rescued animals back to health, a life outside of work is oftentimes non-existent. We just know that it is part of the job!

4. We're science nerds

It may not be cool to be a science nerd, but we don’t care. We totally nerd it up all the time, especially at those awesomely nerdy veterinary conventions.

5. We are 1-800 Ask-A-Nurse (24/7)

There’s always someone calling us about their friend’s mother’s dog that is limping or a picture shows up in our text messages of some funky rash going on. No matter what, we are happy to respond and educate the best we can (knowing full well that most of the time they just need to see the vet!)

6. We are gross

We can talk about fecal results and pus while eating our lunch (which likely has one or ten dog hairs in it) on the treatment table.

7. We have big hearts

We cry for pets that aren't our own. We get attached. We might not want to, but it happens. Whether an owner realizes it or not, we care very deeply for our patients. Getting attached means we care, and that's why we do what we do. 

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Our pockets might be empty, but our hearts are full of joy and care that we provide for our furry friends whether we are on the clock or not. We've submitted to an oath of providing excellent patient care and easing animal suffering that will always stick with us. 

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