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Why I love veterinarians

Smart Flow Sheet Team Apr 15, 2015 2:00:00 PM Veterinary

We may have been a little harsh on you in our post Why I hate veterinarians, but trust us, we do love you. We see your hard work, determination and huge heart every single day! Here is why we love veterinarians:

1. You are discount central

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It is extremely difficult for you to let an estimate be paid at the top end. You feel bad when a procedure wasn’t done exactly as laid out so you tend to give discounts on just about every bill. The customers may not notice it initially, but we know you feel bad for charging full price. 

2. You’re a sap for a rescue

In your career you‘ve likely missed a few of your own kids’ soccer games or dance recitals because of an emergency rescue animal in need of TLC. It just feels like a requirement for your career.


3. You like to please people

You probably stay late and give discounts because you truly want to please others. It is important to have satisfied clients. It can also be hard to let go of difficult clients and situations because you truly desire make others happy. 

4. You make the difficult calls

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Losing a patient is hard enough, let alone having to tell the owner that their beloved pet has passed away. We admire the poise and strength it takes to complete this difficult task.

5. You treat our pets 

We know we can call you at any time when we are (usually unnecessarily) worried about our own animals. You consider them part of the family which we enormously appreciate!

6. We can count on you to show us fun stuff!

It is music to our ears when we hear “come check this out,” because we know we are about to something disgustingly cool. We love to watch you lance an abscess, pop a cuterebra or detach a large mass.


7. You support our families

We can count on you to support our kids' many annoying fundraisers. I know you are probably sick of cookies, popcorn and magazines, but we truly appreciate it! (Actually, I doubt you are sick of cookies).

In short, we LOVE vets!

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