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Why we love veterinary receptionists.

Jada Lewis, CVT May 11, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The very first person a client will likely communicate with is the the receptionist. The veterinary receptionist usually sets the tone for the client and their visit to your clinic. Here are the reasons why we love our veterinary receptionists.

They’re prepared

Receptionists are prepared to handle schedule changes, pricing questions, record transfers, prescription refill requests and more. They know which forms to use, where the charts are hiding and clients by name.

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They’re good with people

It is their inherent ability to engage clients, on the phone or in person. They’ve got the small talk down to a science and they make each client’s pet feel special and unique. Once it is our turn, the client usually feels comfortable and ready for the appointment.

They manage the phone

We’ll definitely pick up the line when they’re busy, but having them take charge of the phone lines is amazing. Receptionists deal with the price shoppers, the confused and the just plain crazy. They are the first line of defense and that is awesome!

They handle the cash

The last thing the medical staff cares to worry about is the money. We greatly appreciate their enthusiasm to handle the monetary transactions. Swiping cards and maintaining the cash drawer is important.

To all the veterinary receptionists out there, we thank you! We could not function without your skill and enthusiasm!

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