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Your Dog Ate What?! Veterinary advice

Carolyn Maguire Dec 14, 2016 5:42:01 AM Veterinary

During the Christmas season we are all advising pet owners to be careful about what they feed their animals and even the best advise cannot prevent some patients from finding delicious morsels that just aren’t meant to be eaten! While we are aware of the common offenders like, chocolate toxicity, fatty meats and crackling (pancreatitis), onions and garlic (anaemia), grapes and raisins (renal failure), we also see some interesting foreign bodies that cause a problem in a gastrointestinal system. For example:

Tinsel, Christmas Tree Decorations, Corn Cobs, Bones, Tea towels, Sticks, Toys, Socks/stockings can all cause our fury friends to be less than joyful.


Fear not! Together with Smart Flow Treatment Sheets, Whiteboards and Anaesthetic Sheet we can streamline your care of these patients and help you get the best result for your patient and your clinic. You will get the benefits of automatic treatment reminders, built-in calculators, and cloud-based syncing technology.

Treatment templates for vomiting dogs can be made in just 10 seconds and the Anaesthetic Sheet will map your patient's vitals and calculate pre-op and emergency drugs, saving you time, money and potentially lives.

Need more information? Book a personalised one-on-one demo and see the goodness for youself!

What gnarly things have you pulled out of a patient? Post your comments below!

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